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Parallect Design is a diversified design firm rooted in the Yangtze River Delta region. It was founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2017, and now has studios in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. We are committed to providing experimental design ideas for spaces in different contexts, following the parallel perspectives of users, intervening in spaces to enhance the design experience. We are a broad-based design group. Architecture and interior space design are our main perspectives. At the same time, we also expand our professional fields to installation art, landscape, graphic design, exhibition, urban planning, and other projects. We have already accumulated a lot of practical experience. To us, "Scheme planning", "Design", "Content", and "Research" are synonyms with blurred boundaries and necessary factors to complete a work. We propose or solve specific problems innovatively through integrated thinking from multi-dimensional perspectives. We pay attention to the entire project process and rely on practice. While focusing on artistry, functionality and economy, we continue to exploit the potentialities of space and the underlying needs of users. We encourage positive cross-border interaction and discussions among partners to accomplish more social value.


Our team has a wide range of professional education and work experience backgrounds. We have brought together young and creative talents from international and multi-fields. In such a multi-cultural interactive working atmosphere, the team can inspire and keep breaking "traditional boundaries" of design. Our projects have gained much media attention, including Archdaily, Gooood, FRAME, UED, World-Architects and so on. They have been compiled into international magazines and academic journals such as "INTERIOR", "China Architectural Design Yearbook", "China Interior Design Yearbook", "Huazhong Architecture", "City China", etc. Besides, we have won lots of awards like ActiveHouse Awards, EuroShop Design Award, Golden Ruler List, IAI Global Design Award, Kapok China Design Award, Golden Case Award, International Color Space Design Award, Global Hotel Festival Annual Award, Jintang Award, Nesting Award, China New Commercial Space Award, Shanghai International Design Week Design Award, etc. Our team members were selected into the FA TOP20 Young Designers, China Design Star, Forbes 30U30 Elite List, "Future Star" Young Designers, and others.


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