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苏州大学建筑学院教授、风景园林系系主任、博士导师、北京林业大学园林学院博士,中国风景园林学会教育工作委员会常务委员、全国“园冶杯”大学生国际竞赛课程设计类评审委员,拥有多年专业工作经验,主要工作履历为苏州平介建筑科技有限公司创始人。主持和参与了景观、建筑和室内设计项目五十多项,自己或指导研究生和本科生获国内外设计奖及优秀论文奖多项,主持省部级科技项目2项、市厅级项目5项,在Sustainable Cities and Society (SCI)、风景园林等国内外核心期刊上已发表论文20余篇。


Professor, PhD Student Instructor and Director of Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Soochow University; PhD, School of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University. Member of the Standing Committee of the Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture(CHSLA). Founder of Suzhou Parallect-Design Architectural Technology Co., Ltd.; as presided over and participated in more than 50 landscape,architecture and interior design projects. He Self-directed graduate and undergraduate students who have won many design awards and excellent thesis awards at home and abroad. He have presided over 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology projects and 5 municipal and office-level projects.He has published more than 20 papers in domestic and international core journals such as Sustainable Cities and Society (SCI) and Landscape Architecture Journal.

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