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陈雪琦,利物浦大学建筑硕士, 2017年本科毕业于利物浦大学。参与霍普杯国际学生建筑竞赛获奖。参与伦敦FAB FEST因其沉浸式空间获Hawthorn prize。曾工作于中南建筑设计院,上海安墨吉建筑规划设计有限公司。





Xueqi Chan holds a Master Degree in Architecture from University of Liverpool in 2018. She participated in the London FAB FEST, and got the Hawthorn prize for its immersive space. She got Honorable prize in HypCup International Student Architecture Competition. Xueqi’s working experience includes Central South Architectural Design Institute and AMJ Archi-Urbanism.


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